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I would be lying if I said I had always wanted to work in news. I started university dead set on working on the business side of the television industry, and nothing was going to stop me from achieving that. In pursuit of that goal, I joined the campus television studio, CitrusTV. I walked into the studio freshman year as news production was ongoing, and wanting to be involved in television no matter what it was, I jumped in. There, I discovered an abiding love, not only for the news itself, but for the collaborative process of producing it.


I moved to London to pursue a Master's in International Journalism and joined ABC News' Visual Verification team part time while finishing my degree, working 3 nights a week and attending classes during the day. Upon graduation in August 2022, I was offered a promotion within the team and joined ABC's London office full time. Working with both the Visual Verification team, and with ABC's international operation has been an incredible joy. I have loved learning from all the people around me and their experiences, and have been deeply moved by their unending openness and drive for knowledge. In this environment, I've been able to experiment with new types of storytelling and try new tools to learn more from online evidence. I continue to be deeply interested by the ever-changing news landscape on the internet and how the news can in turn use these changes to its advantage.


I’m never far from a newspaper or news broadcast but when I’m not enjoying the news, you can find me taking advantage of any opportunity to travel, reading about Belarus, or playing with my cat. I also love meeting and talking with new people! So please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or for a quick chat!

- Victoria

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